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I think I understand the problem

While listening to the news, I can't help hearing about the Holy Cities, It seems that half of the cities in Iraq are Holy Cities, imortalized by some historic event by a Muslim great. (No disrepect intended)

We need to figure out which cities are holy to us. Given our culture I have some ideas:

1. Brooklyn - home of good pizza, the original home of the Dodgers (Ebbets Field) and my birthplace.
2. Hope Arkansas - Birthplace of Former President Clinton - and a great name - "The Holy city of Hope"
3. Schenectady _ never mind - we need a place that people can spell
4. San Antonio - John Wayne DID make a movie about the place. To the Texans it is already a holy city
5. Graceland! - I's sure that my son will vote for this one
6. (My favorite) Hoboken, New Jersey -- Birthplace of Frank Sinata - Need I say more? The Holy City of Hoboken - it just rings!

So we can visit the Holy Cities - The sources of our great American Culture!

(Only half in jest)