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Now I'm worried!

I've always supported our President and his staff. I am really curious now. We are looking at the UN and France (?) to man the lines between Israel and Lebanon. Why does this concern me? I would love to see a brigade of Marines there - or if it HAS to be France - Foreign Legion. You know - someone who knows which end of the rifle the bullet comes out of.

The Lebanese are ineffectual and apparently developing the most massive case of Stockholm syndrome in history. Hezbollah is being backed by Syria and Iran. Syria and Iran are getting munitions from Russia and China. Our good friends Russia and China.

I think we have two strategies in front of us.

1. Draw a line around the US and every one of our allies. Announce that ANY violation of ANY border (including our southern one) will result in the full force and fury of the American War machine. Then back it up the first time someone tests us.

2. Declare war on Iran! Declare war on Syria. Declare War on North Korea. But mean it this time. Clean it up once and for all.

We fought two wars against China -- Yup two - One in Korea and the other in Vietnam. When one general, MacArthur tried to explain the fact of life to the sitting president he got fired. Patton wanted to take care of the USSR when we had the army over there and ready. When we had the ability to control China and the USSR we did not do it.

We are again in the enviable position of being able to destroy our enemies, yet we allow them to tie us up in wasted diplomacy. Iran does not have the bomb yet. Korea does not have the means of delivery - yet.

To my liberal friends, I really do not care what the Arab street, or the Europeans think of us. They can relax and let us pull their butts out of the fire.... Again.

Letting the UN and France preserve world peace? Come on now.