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Home town Newspapers -- Disgusting!

Here in Denver we have two major newspapers, The Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post.

Yesterday, Sunday, there was a rally at the western entrance of the state capital. Approximately 2,000 people participated showing their support of Israel. The rally went off without incident.

The Rocky Mountain News covered the rally. It was a small article, however it was fair and well written. I just spent about half an hour digging through the Denver Post's website, looking for a reference. I could find none. I did find a column leading off by telling me how ...

" Israeli warplanes and artillery intensified their pounding of Hezbollah targets across southern Lebanon on Sunday, killing a dozen civilians and several Lebanese soldiers."

I am not accusing the Denver Post of antisemitism. I am, however accusing them of insensitivity. I invite you all to go to

http://denverpost.com and http://rockymountainnews.com.

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