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Soak the rich -- give to the poor

I'd love to read a liberal's economic textbook. I'll be it starts "Once upon a time". OK, a few phrases I'm sick of:

1. Tax Cuts for the Rich. OK assuming that is true - what do they do with that money? I don't think the concept of Uncle Scrooges Money Vault is anywhere near true. SO they have a few options
- Spend it - Hmm - what does that do to the economy?
- Save it - And the banks just sit on it?
- Use it to make more money - how? Invest in plant and facilities - more jobs.
I'm not rich. I do not begrudge the rich. Neither should anyone.

2. We need to increase the minimum wage. Who does that hurt directly? The working poor. The companies that they work for just pass the price increases along to their customers who are? Companies do not pay taxes. Companies pass these expenses along to us, the consumers.

3. We're a nation of immigrants - We all should feel welcome. Almost true -- We're a nation of legal immigrants. My grandparents never had the opportunity to -- Press One for English, Two for Yiddish. They went to night school and became Americans. May I add that they were the proudest and most patriotic Americans that our nation ever had.

And as an afterthought

4. The president is stupid. Well - he's a Harvard MBA. As a Prof in a Business school, I assure you that stupid people do not get that degree. He's not glib. We have had glib presidents. I'll keep the un-glib.

5. He lied people died. B___S__T! Enough of that piece of garbage.

The liberals talk in Bumper-Sticker Slogans! None of which stand up to the light of day! The only thing that the left really agrees with is "Redistribution of Wealth". Whose wealth do you think they want to re-distribute?

The lefts unspoken slogan is: From each according to his abilities to each according to his needs. Sound good - Well Karl Marx sure liked the idea - He said it.