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Hezbolah is blowing it!

I make no claims at being a historian. I do, however find history fascinating. Who was it who said --- those who don't read history are damned to repeat it.

Read between the lines today, here's what I see. Egypt, Jordan and the Saudi's are very quiet. The leaders of these three countries have one basic religion - and it is not Islam. They survive. They will survive, they are every good at it. Hezbolah is way too violent and attnetion-getting for them.

The team of Syria and their puppet-master - Iran is driving the Hezbolah - The Pali's are sitting with their thumb's up you know where - wondering why no one is looking at them.

In Israel, the left and the right are joined on the war. In the US, the anti-american left-- far left is quiet. According to Drudge, the US has given the Israeli's one week to clean up their neighborhood. Even Dr. Rice seems to be staying out of their way. How much damage can a well-equipoed, well led, well trained and motivated 21st century military force do to a third rate band of thugs?

Ok ,here's what I have been thinking for quite a while. After 911, The President and his advisors realized that they have a chance to clean up the middle east. Yes, WMD's did exist, Yes Saddam Hussein was a festering boil that needed to be excised, But the Islamofascists were the real target. Well they are now gathering in nice little groups, they are Custer and we are the Souix.

The ignorant, stupid cowboy learned a lot from the old-feeble cowboy, and the Hezbolah fell into the trap!