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Saturday morning confusion

It's Saturday morning. The wife's out walking the dog. I have a cup of coffee. All's good in the world --- well almost. SO, since I haven't been blogging much recently - I need to get my numbers up. Here goes.

A New Kid on the Block There used to be a great blog called the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. I was a place where a group of about a dozen people freely conversed on the issues of the day. All were welcome and in fact quite a few liberal opinions were stated. Well the morons got hold of it and it is ruined. Someone -- Who knows who -- is starting a new blog to replace it. It is in it's infancy, however it is being set up as a place for free discussion. Go to "the right way" and get involved. If you want to post, just leave the moderator a message and he'll give you access.

I told you so
There were NO WMD's, Bush Lied People Died, There is no Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny is Dead. Well a funny thing has happened, reams of correspondence has been made public and some of the facts are fascinating. . It appears the even Saddam's generals thought that he had WMD's. They were quite upset with him when they learned that the WMD's that they were hoping for were not available. Saddam, being the great tactician that he was(n't) figured that like the Russian, he would just retreat and retreat and the American Army would be destroyed by the Iraqi Winter, as were the armies of Napoleon and Hitler. Unfortunately the Iraqi winter is not quite as fierce as the Russian winter -- who'd a thunk?

Lucianne has a link to this Newspaper Article. It appears that Saddam Insane WAS in cahoots with the Al-queda. If you want to dig through the source go here Quite a bit has been translated.

The Sky is Falling, We're all gonna die! The Economy is trashed! -- or so they want us to believe.
The Stock market is up and solid. Unemployment is below 5%. All indications are that we are in good shape. The doom-and-gloom folks point out the warts. There are major layoffs coming, we are outsourcing all our jobsLets look at this - The economic direction of this country changes. Many people may have to retrain or move. There are jobs for those who are willing to do it. I had to change my entire life when the COBOL Programming industry moved to India. I did just that. I survived quite nicely, thank you.

Now lets look at outsourcing. Where are they making Toyota's, Honda's and a few other "foreign cars" -- How about here in the USA

Sep. 4--Next time you see a new foreign-brand car, odds are it was made in America.

Toyotas, Hondas, Subarus, BMWs, Mercedes-Benzes, Hyundais, and others -- more than 40 models of foreign cars, minivans, SUVS, and pickup trucks -- are rolling off assembly lines at 15 plants in the United States so rapidly that last year brought an automotive tipping point.

For the first time, more foreign-brand cars sold in the United States were built here -- 3.7 million -- than were imported -- 3.4 million -- according to the Center for Automotive Research, nonprofit auto industry analysts in Michigan.

Is everything perfect, Heck no! However let's be critical and look at the source of the Bad News Unfortunately the Main Stream Media seems to have a bias. Now, more than ever before, we need to do some digging before we make up our minds. If in doubt, Google it out