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The Israeli Flag
Fresh from their world altering victory, Hamas has decided that one of their principle objections is the designof the Israeli Flag -- I was going to delve into this, however the Blog - The further Adventures of Indigo Red does a great job. When Iwas in Southeast Asia I was told that the US flag has 50 stars, one for every country that the US has conquered. The same logic in use here

Cindy Sheehan for Senate!

A new movement to propose that Cindy Sheehan run for Diane Feinstein's senate seat has formed. I fully support this. Go to This site and register your support. Just think of how much fun Leno and Letterman will have if she runs? I have voted six times today.

The Army is stretched too thin!

During an interview covered by Mensa Barbie this statement is observed:
an Associated Press story earlier today incorrectly reported that General George W. Casey, Multi-National Force Iraq commanding general, implied American forces in Iraq are "stretched
What was actually said was this:

General Casey pointed out that while U.S. forces are stretched overall, the Army is going through a modernization strategy that will produce more units and ready units. General Casey was speaking about Army forces in general, and not specifically about forces in Iraq
Isn't life wonderful?