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My G-d. He disagrees with me!!

I just received an email from a brother veteran. He had the temerity to say that he did not agree with everything I said. After being exposed to the shrill outbursts of many of our citizens. This was a pleasure. Two adults who disagree on something. Perhaps as we get to know each other we will have the opportunity to discuss our differences in detail.

I do not agree with the entire conservative program. I don't think any honest, thinking person should be amazed. The beauty of the first amendment is that it allows us to freely exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Thats why we're in the Middle East. The Talliban did not allow other points of view. Saddam killed those who disagree with him. The earmarks of a totatlitarian environment is the absence of the ability to disagree.

So, to the gentleman who wrote that email to me. I would love to buy you a beer some day and rejoice in our differences.