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Stop the ACLU

One of the sites that I point to in the column on the left is "Stoptheaclu.com" I also link to it on the title of this blog. I thought I'd give them a brief commercial.

The ACLU has been degraded to an Anti-american, Anti-Christian, Anti-Semetic, Anti-Common Sense group of hypocrits that seem determined to destroy all that we, as Americans, should stand for.

For Example: NAMBLA The national Association for Man Boy Love is a despicable organization which encourages pedophelia. The ACLU has decided to support them

According to an article in Forbes magazine,The ACLU has leaped to the defense of Al Qaeda.

Even the leftwing Jewish publication - Forward - has come out strongly against the ACLU.

Please stop off at the Stop The ACLU site regurlarly - Book mark it!

Thank You