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OK, let's play nice now.

Ms. Meirs has fallen on her sword, the proper thing, I guess. Now can we concentrate on finding a Justice for the Supreme Court who will get our full backing -- Perhaps one who:

Understands the meaning of the words "Private Property".
Understands that in our form of government, power comes from the governed, not the Government.
Understand the we already have a Legislative branch of the Government and it's THEIR job to write laws, not yours.
Understands that people who have been taken prisoner on the battlefield and have NOT been following the Geneva Convention themselves are NOT protected by our bill of rights.
Understands that having a Military is not a bad thing.
Understands that we are a Federal Republic. We were established by a group of very inciteful people who did not want an overpowering central government.

Are any of these concepts so hard to understand?