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It occurs to me...

At the end of WWII most of the world lay in ruins, London, Dresden, Hiroshima, etc. All were leveled and turned into rubble. Russia was devastated to an extent that Americans can not grasp. Here in the 48, I believe we got shelled twice. Today - all of these devastated cities are productive successful centers of commerce. In February, 1953 the Dutch were immolated by a hurricane. The fact that most of Holland lay below sea level made it even worse.

Since the Civil War, we had never been in the situation where we had to rebuild a major portion of our infrastructure.

Till now.

New Orleans has been hit hard. When Holland was rebuilt they did not move the country to Ireland, the rebuilt it where it lay, and built control measures to prevent that level of destruction from happening again. They rebuilt an industrious productive economy, as did most of Europe after WWII.

Now, in out benign wisdom we are ready to pour billions (or is that hundreds of billions) into the resurrection of New Orleans.

New Orleans can become a model of what can be done - but we have to invest wisely. The President spoke of rewarding entrepreneurship. He spoke of enterprise zones. If we concentrate on building an economy which can be based upon a solid foundation, The Gulf Coast will have a renaissance as America has never seen before. However if we allow the socialistic nanny-state policies to govern the effort we are asking for a set of problems that cannot be imagined.

We need to be sure that we invest wisely. The Looters and spoilers cannot be allowed to call the shots.

Frankly I am worried.