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Rudy G.

OK, I'm coming around. I have this aching desire to see Dr. Rice as the next president. I still think that she's the most able person in the country, but she has never run for office and seems generally not interested in the job. SO where do I look?

The most important aspect that we need in a President is Leadership. We need a person who can hold is head in the midst of disaster. Rudy Giuliani is that man. He was the inspiration during the darkest day in my personal memory. He cleaned up New York - an unbelievably complex job. He has a reputation as an able administrator who will make the unpopular decision when needed.

I had the opportunity to meet the man recently. He was at a booksigning and I was there. I had never understood the word Charisma until I met him. I like him. It was instant. When I was talking to him I got the impression that he was real! He comes across as someone who will cry with me when neede, however as a former military man, I would follow him wherever he led me.

I came across this column today I urge you to read it. While I respect and admire President Bush - he is term limited. We need to think about the future. I'm jumping on the Rudy G. Bandwagon as of today.

Now about Vice President -- Is Dr. Rice available?