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It's obviously Bush's fault

Gird your loins. We are about to be subject to a serious group of five (5) solar flares. These flares can cause a temporary cell phone blackout or brief loss of wireless signals. However the International Space Station was designed to provide safety for the astronauts.

Why didn't the Federal Government prevent this from happeninig. Do you realize that there are no poor people on the space station. Obviously the Bush clan is anti-poor. How has Hallibuturton been involved in this?

Hillary Clinton, we need to establish a Senate Inquiry right now! Come to our rescue again! Perhaps Barbara Boxer can assist you. Maybe we need to send Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson into space to investigate the solution.

We need to insure that more poor people are in the Space Station. after all - it's their taxes that built it. Whats so important about an engineering background?

Power to the People!