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Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

The other day I was struck by the pronouncement in some newspaper about people living longer. Statistics prove that we will ALL live to be 85 today, or some such nonsense. On the other hand I've also been told that being overweight will kill me, Second hand smoke will kill me, Too much Sun will kill me, too much Alcohol will kill me. But wait a second ---

Now they tell me that being overweight might be healthful? Second Hand smoke, while annoying, is really not too harmful, We NEED 15 minutes of sun daily and a beer or a shot of whisky a day is good for the heart.

My grandfather smoked cigars endlessly, died of 'Hardening of the Arteries' and got absolutely NO exercise. He lived till his 80's. I grew up in a house with cigar smoke, cigarette smoke and smoked myself till my mid 30's. My lungs are totally clear. Mark Twain was once told by his doctor that if he gave up cigars and whisky he would live 10 years longer, his response - "Why would I want to do that?"

The newsmedia are running daily polls on the 2008 Presidential race. The can tell you exactly what vote count each possible competition will get. So, If Hillary Clinton runs against a 3-legged albino dwarf, Hillary will take 34 states but lose the south.

LEAVE ME ALONE! I'll die when I'm ready! I'm much more concerned on how I'll live! I have about 3 years to decide who I'll vote for. I have more education than most in Statistics and Probability. I therefore refuse to take statistics posted by Zogby, AP, the New York Times or the American Medical Association seriously.

Neither should you!