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The ultimate cheap shot

Senator Byrd has done it again. He compared the recent Republican maneuverings to Hitler. It seems that whenever a politician wishes to disparage his opponent - the name Hitler is raised.

Adolph Hitler incenerated 12 Million people -- mostly for their personal identity - 6 million for simply being Jewish. others for the sin of being Gypsies.

Lets not lose our perspective. Ward Churchill accused accountants and bookeepers of being Eichmanns - The architect of the Hitlerian nightmare.

In today's news - former mayor Koch is quoted as being for Hillary Clinton for President. I strongly disagree. But to climb into the depths of depravity to emphasize that disagreement? I think not.

This transends bigotry - it borders on total inanity. It shows that the purveyor of this filth is an ethical moron.

The former KKK Kleagle Senator from West Virginia, Mr. Byrd should be censored by his collegues and returned home in the shame that he deserves.