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I'm Confused

I woke up this morning and headed for the tube - The fall of the Lebanese government should be all over. But?

Fox and friends spend some time talking about it, the local news station barely mentioned it. OK, to the Internet.

MSnbc - Headline - the East coast Blizzard, CNN, Fox, all of them nada! Finally I went to lucianne.com and found it covered. Drudge --- The Mighty Drudge barely covered it.

The peaceful fall of the Baathist led Lebanese government is an amazing story. Many years ago - but still withing our lifetime, Lebanon was a gem! The country was an amazing democratic mix of Christians and Muslims living and working together. The country was a resort, it was a diamond merchant capital. Then the politics of power-broking and radical islamofascists destroyed it.

Maybe it'll come back now? Maybe Israel will have a peaceful neighbor to its north?

Please G-d!