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I'm a Vietnam Vet, Retired Mainframe Programmer, Retired College Adjunct Teacher, Published Author, Adult Boy Scout Leader, Republican, Jewish, married with two magnificent grown kids.

The 60's sucked. I was there.

If the World War II generation was the 'Greatest Generation' then us boomers were the ' Self Centered' generation.

The 60's started, at least to me, on that day in November, 1963. I remember going to the movies about a week before that. They still showed newsreels then. Between the movies a newsreel started. a Picture of the President and his Wife came on and the audience - most kids there for a saturday matinee, erupted in cheers and applause.

A few months later, The newsreel came on and LBJ was there - the reaction was totally different - boos and jeers. That sums up the change for me.

Before November 23, 1963 we were a young optimistic country heady abut our future, guided by a young vibrant President. Nothing would stop us. When I got to the airport in San Francisco in August, 1969 I was in a totally different country, and I didnt like it. I was returning home from a one year tour of duty with the Air Force in South East Asia. I was considered and treated as a war criminal.

A man who would be king stood in front of congress and lied about what me and my companions had done. During the campaign that followed the loyal opposition ran a platform of ... hold on ... I'll think of something ... Oh yes they were against. They were against the war, they were against our national policy, They were against...

Now we are again looking at one of the most important national decisions that we have made in a long time. Fact: Social Security has to be fixed. Congress has raided the fund, we have miscalculated the anticipated longevity and financial needs that us aging boomers will have.

Yes, the current plan will probably hold till 2045. It'll hold poorly but it will hold. in 2045 my son will be 71 and my daughter will be 66. What about them? What about their children? Our premier lobby for the aging AARP basically says ... Screw em. The Democrats and liberals have taken their customary Neville Chamberlain approach to problem solving and are closing their eyes, waving pixie dust and wishing the problem would go away.

John F. Kennedy said 'Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask instead what you can do for your country.'

We can inure that our children have a Social Security System .