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In about 2 weeks The Flomblog will return to active blogging. I'm taking the month of July off and I plan on spending a lot of it on my Mac.

The election is getting fascinating. I had the following interchange with a colleague recently

  • Colleague (C) You ARE voting for Obama, aren't you?
  • Me(M) no, I'm supporting McCain
  • C - Don't you think a black man can be president?
  • M - Sure, but not that one. I honestly don't agree with too much of his political philosophy
  • C - Would you agree with him if he was white?
  • M - (getting annoyed) I wouldn't agree with him if he was green-skinned .
  • C- You're just a bigot
  • M - Thank You.

Note: the person that I was talking to is a Political Science PhD and a college professor


So, I'll be jumping back into the fray in July.

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