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A Logical Manner of Discrimination

Let be realistic - Skin Color is a foolish way to discriminate. People aren't black or white, there's a continuum of shades and colors between the two hues. National origin is fleeting, after a generation or two differences just disappear, however as people we need a valid manner of keeping people in their place. May I suggest that one exists today -- Blood Type.

If we insure that there is no miscegenation, we can assure ourselves that we will breed true. A + A yields Another A. Plus the blood type gives us a rational and logical means of discrimination, one that can be checked in minutes by a simple blood test. The logistics are quite simple:

Type A people will form the Ruling class.
Type B people will be the artisians and engineers.
Type O people are the laboring class - they can work the fields and sneak over international borders.

Obviously the Positive and Negative subclasses will finely tune the system.

The only problem is the mongrel type AB people. They must be rounded up and sterilized. Just their existence confuses the issue.

So, call your congressional delegates and push for the Flomblog Amendment to the Constitution - Enabling Logical Racial Purity.

The Flomblog (Who is coincidentally an A+)