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New Hampshire, What does it Mean?

Republicans - McCain over Romney 39% ro 31% - I gotta think that the R's are more concerned with Defense and the war than anything else - McCain's stand on gut issues such as the Border apparently did not make a difference. Looks like Huckabee is back at 11%, pretty much where he belongs

Democrats - Hillary and Obama neck and neck with Hillary edging Obama out 39% to 36%. Silky Pony, err Edwards is third with 17%. I do notice that Obama's skin color is not an issue except to the registered bigots. That is good. It's about time.

It's looking like a good old fashioned race between Liberals and Conservatives is shaping up. Ain't nothing wrong with that. As long as Huckabee and Edwards are out of the money I'm happy. BTW - The Bobsey twins - Paul and Kocinich are being relegated to a couple of bad jokes.