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The Flomblog Predicts

OK, it's time for end of year predictions. Here are mine.

  • An Open Republican Convention - Thompson gets the go-ahead
  • Hillary is humiliated - Obama gets the nod
  • President Fred - Would you believe Fred/Conde Rice ticket?
  • Third Party rips the Democratic party to shreds - Paul/Kocinich ticket
  • The UN moves to Africa. No one notices or cares.
The Middle East
  • Pakistan falls to the Islamists
  • Nuclear exchange between Israel and Pakistan. Millions die.
  • President Fred levels an un-named Islamic holy site.
  • Everybody is frightened into peace
  • Signals are received and interpreted from another Solar System
  • Ron Paul is hijacked by space Aliens -- No one notices or cares
  • Bigfoot is found - and is a Republican
  • Living Dinosaur found in Africa and is a Democrat
  • Life is found on Mars.
  • The first Rap - Opera is written and performed. No one notices or cares
  • Resurgence of the Blues
  • Mac tablet
  • Vista becomes the fiasco of the century
  • Leopard runs on all Microsoft machines
What'cha think???