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this is NOT a joke!

The tax plan being suggested by the congressman from New York is a direct attack on the middle class! The 4% tax is aimed at Adjusted Gross Income. In other-words there are NO DEDUCTIONS.  No Charity, no home mortgage, no Child Care - no NOTHING!

OK, but it's only the RICH - after all $200,000 per couple? 

1. If you live in any major city -NY, Chicago, San Francisco, etc.  and are a married - that "ain't" a lot of money - If one of you works two jobs, the other works one, you are probably there. If you are a small businessman and are not incorporated, guess what?
2. Once the line is drawn, what's to keep congress from lowering it to $150,000? $100,000?
3. This will drive the economy into a spiral as bad as the Carter years, perhaps even worse. It directly attacks the most productive portion of our economy. It will drive money into hiding. It will discourage investment. 
4. It will be a boon to off-shore investments however?
5. It will hurt the "working poor", the ones that it is aimed (poorly) at. As money dries up, where will the funds to invest in job-producing activities be?

Please, please, please - contact everyone that you know and stop this socialist grab for power.