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Jerome Levitch drops an F-bomb!

On Labor day, on national TV, Mr. Jerome Levitch almost used the word Fag. Of course the righteous indignation of the Politically Aware was raised and demands were made for Mr. Levitch's head.

A couple of points:
We're talking about a man who is now known as Jerry Lewis.
Mr. Lewis is 82 years old
Mr. Lewis was clowning around like a man 30 - 40 years his junior
Mr. Lewis had been up for 20 - 21 hours straight raising money for charity -
Mr. Lewis is .. Uh - Oh .. a Jew.

By the way - I believe the word he was about to use was Faigele - Mr. Lewis, like many of us Jooos curses in Yiddish whenever possible. What he did say - I saw it - was "fa -- Stop" He caught himself in mid-harangue.

SO you have an 82 year old entertainer, working his tuchas off for a charity, clowning around, and almost says something that might be offensive. Now if this was a normally irreligious leftist, no one would have even noticed.

I vividly remember Groucho Marx clowning around on his TV show during the McCarthy days. Groucho, in his inimitable manner muttered something like "I new a communist who..." He blanched and turned to the camera and said in a totally straight manner -" I do Not know any communist, nor have I ever known any communists"

Shame on us.
When Political Correctness shuts up our clowns -- we have gone to far.