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The wrong target

Anyone who has read my book (available at Amazon.com) can tell you that we frequently attack symptoms, not problems. As long as we attack these symptoms, the problems will remain.

Why is there an influx of illegal aliens? Hmmmm? Mexico has a corrupt sloppy government. If a Mexican could earn a livable wage at home, would that person risk death to live in a country where he didn't even speak the language.

Yes we must guard our borders. Yes we must change the constitution to end the "anchor baby" situation. Yes we must address the issue of illegal immigrants flooding our schools and hospitals. However if we solve those problems without addressing the problems in Mexico itself, we are just postponing the inevitable - just like we did in 1983.

I invite the Presidential Candidates to address that problem. How do we force our neighbors to clean up their own act? Until we do that we will just be repeating history over and over.