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Martian Rights

Now that we have found that there is a strong possibility that liquid water exists on Mars, we need to be more vigilant.

We have been sending Robots to Mars. That is wrong on two counts.

1. The Robots have not been given their robot-rights. After all, they were sent on a one way trip. We did not stop to consider their feelings.
2. If there are Martians, did we get their permission before sending Robots up there? Some of the greatest writers and novelists have discussed the possibility of life on Mars. If Names like Heinlein and Edger Rice Bourroughs have discussed Martian life. Given this precident, we have the responsibility to consider the rights of these Martains.

I believe that we need to form the MCLU (Martian Civil Rights Union) and insure that these Martian people are guarenteed the same rights as we have, guaranteed by the US Constitution. I'm sure we can depend on the RCLU (Robot Civil Liberty Union) for their support, After all, Aren't these robots illegal aliens?