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Holocaust? What Holocaust?

When I was young, back in the post-WWII 50's, I lived in a heavily Jewish section of Brooklyn called Williamsburg, There were some older people who were very quiet, did not mix with others and quite frankly did not fit in with the garrulous neighborhood. When I asked about them with the curiosity of a normal six-year old, The adults would shush me and move on to another subject.

These folks were called DP's or Displaced Persons. They were called Refugees. They were treated respectfully, but they led a very sad life. One day I accidentally noticed a number tattooed on a persons arm. The lady saw me stare, she put on her coat quickly and walked back into her apartment. When I asked about the tattoo I was told -- She got that in the camps. To me a camp was a place in the country where you played and swam and camped out - a good place. I did not understand.

I still do not understand.

When an Iranian buffoon calls a meeting devoted to proving that the holocaust did not exist. When that buffoon relies on such stalwart historians as former KKK leader David Duke.When the buffoon surrounds himself with antisemitic morons, I have to take notice.

OK, the Holocaust did not happen. Pol Pot did not kill his millions, Saddam Hussein did not gas the Kurds, There were no Vietnamese boat people, Stalin was the Soviet equivalent of the tooth fairy.

When you turn your back on evil, the evil does not go away. The only way to combat evil is to stand up to it.

Every American, every person who loves freedom join me in chanting: