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Good news, Really!

I was just reading an article over at Newsmax about the crew of the next space shuttle flight. The quality of these young folks is astounding. I found myself thinking about the young men and women who I see daily at school.

There is a select group that I see regularly. Every semester I get three or four GI's in my class. As a personal rule I stay away from generalizations, but this one is valid. They are unbelievable. They are hard-working, studious, well-prepared and polite. As a Vet, I say this. They are better than we were! I say that with pride.

I know three young men who serve in our nations military, Navy Lt. Kazu Hashigami and Army captain Chris Morgan and former Navy Petty Officer Evan Spitler I've known these men since they were eleven. They all fit that mold. Unfortunately none of them were in the Air Force -- But what the heck.

As long as we can turn out people like this our democracy is in very good shape.