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OK let's think about tuesday.

Right now in the house we have D- 201, R-230, I-1
In the senate the numbers are D-44, R-55, I-1

In the house, conventional wisdom is that the R's will lose the house - I think it's be a squeaker. Most Democrat polls seem to be based on a low Republican turnout. I think they will be surprised. Thank You John F'n Kerry, really!

In the senate conventional wisdom is that the Republicans will keep control, barely. I wonder, though, will Liebowitz take that walk across the Isle? Perhaps? The Dem's do not deserve him and the moderate -- (old Rockefeller republicans) will welcome him. Or will he become an I? However there is one item the Dem's do not really consider - the Veto. The Senate will not be vetoproof!

Best news - we squeek control of both houses - and the Dem's go on a rampage crying about election fraud.
Worst news - We lose both houses and the Dem's crow about the "Voice of the People", mindless about american history,again!
Most likely - the houses are split. The Dems then go on a subpeona binge assuring a Republican in '08.

If we do not keep both houses then we are looking at two years of a useless congress. Congress will be tied up in useless battles and turf-wars.

Hmmmm, 2 years with a minimally effective government. Is that a bad thing?