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Vietnam --- err --- Iraq

OK some points:

1. Iraq is not a war, it is a front in a much larger war.
2. War sucks, but sometines it is neccessary
3. We do not come out of the blocks and win wars
4. We got our butts licked by the Japanese in the beginning of WWII
5. The Allies got thrown off of the European continent at the beginning of WWII
6. We won WWII
7. We went into two countries with no history of democracy and "nation built" successfully (Japan and Germany)
8. We got our butts kicked at the beginning of the Korean war
9. We beat the North Koreans,but Truman did not want to get involved in a war with China and fired MacArthur
10. We lost Tet for the first few hours, then we kicked butt. The Press declared the war lost and LBJ did not have the will to contradict them. We won every single battle of consequence in Vietnam
11. Saddam Hussein HAD WMD's - that is a fact. He used them on Iran and his own people!
12. The UN insured that Hussain had enough time to hide the evidence.

The list goes on and on and on.

The left called the "domino" theory in Southeast Asia a joke -- Well lets see: Boat people? Pol Pot? The closest thing in SEA to a democracy is Thailand. Vietnam fell, Laos fell, Cambodia fell.

We are looking at letting a group of people, led by Nancy Pelosi, have a large degree of control of our society.

In plain English, that would be a major mistake.

V O T E !