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Snodly - from http://www.vastrightwingconspiracy.com/ Is a frequent contributer - Mrs. Snodly has started distributing her "Rants" and I think that they are worth including -- So as they say - without further adue (sic)

No doubt you have all heard the "news" of the new Jane Fonda/Gloria Steinhem talk radio for women debacle headed your way. For some unknown reason, Fonda and Steinhem are completely convinced that people are still interested in what they have to say.

Fonda claims that the new network, designed for female listeners, are "what women want to hear". Women don't want confrontational talk, she claims, but a more more nuanced look at the issues.

How nice.

First liberals have decided that any african-American person who doesn't fit their mold isn't truly black but an Uncle Tom or Aunt Jemima, and now they have taken it upon themselves to decide what mold women fit into.

I object.

First of all, I refuse to be pigeonholed into any category, and I state that not as a female, but as an individual with individual rights...isn't that what the women's movement was supposed to be about?...secondly, I take humbrage to the notion that my hormones rule my thought processes and can be altered by simple indoctrination into the Dark Side.

One might surmise that I am not a feminist. Though that statement would be true, it is not fair to say that as a conservative, I don't believe in the ideals of human rights and equality...but equality means the equivalency of opportunity and respect as a human being, not mandated outcome.

Have I been a victim of sexual discrimination? Have I ever been abused by a man? Of course. C'est la vie.
Do I have the wherewithall within me to combat and defeat it? Mais oui !! Do I catalogue the opposite sex by the bitter taste of the occasional bad apple? Of course not. To do so would be to lock my mind, my body, and my soul away and into the vastness of liberal victim mentality.

Which is just where they want us.

And I resent it.

Ms.'s of the world...hawk your whine and cheese parties at places where they will be welcome..but don't deign to assume that the fragilty of your arguments falls on anything but deaf ears for women like myself and millions of others. Some of us like who we are without being told how to do it...either by a man OR a woman.

Any other flomblogians care to contribute? I DO NOT have to agree! As a matter of fact - I would enjoy posting well written contributions with which I disagree