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I'm a Vietnam Vet, Retired Mainframe Programmer, Retired College Adjunct Teacher, Published Author, Adult Boy Scout Leader, Republican, Jewish, married with two magnificent grown kids.

Lets see if I understand this:

OK here goes:

1. Israel is being attacked on two fronts by islamofascists from land that Israel gave back to them in hopes of peace.
2. Iran is supporting the hezbolah in hopes of distracting the world from their A-bomb plants
3. Iran is still building A bombs
4. Iraq is either an an awful mess or coming into control, depending upon what meadia you believe
5. North Korea is laying on the floor pounding the floor with hands and feet saying - "You're ignoring me
6. Japan is threatening to rearm - This should scare the crap out of Everybody -- last time they rearmed they came really close to beating us!
7. We have a moron running Venezuala who is trying to emulate the North Koreans -- Hey Stop Ignoring me
8. Fidel Castro is either Dead or Alive depending upon who you believe
9. La Raza wants the Southwest back - It was all Aztec land - Really! You know the Aztecs - they were the ones who celebrated their religion by ripping beating hearts out of people. Im sure the ACLU will fight to let them bring them bring that quaint custom back.
10. Americans of every race, nationality, ethnic division and sports team enthusiast has discoverd the "Illegal Alien" problem and wants it fixed NOW, Except we have to do it "nicely".
11. The ACLU has decided that the US Constitution is unconstitutional
12. The earth is burning up.
13. The Icecaps are dissappearing
14. Gorbachev ended the cold war, Reagan was simply an innocent bystander
15. John Kerry was For the war, before he was against it.
16. We have a set of total raving lunatic's running the Democratic Party
17. MAdonna may quit Kabbalah

And it's All George W. Bush's fault?

Between Carter's totally non-existant foreign Policy and Clinton's Turning the Lincoln Bedroom into a Motel 9, Bush inherited a solid economy and world that loved us. He was behind the 9/11 disaster - the Jews knew about it in advance.

Did I miss anything?

In my humble opinion we need another Roosevelt. Teddy, that is, you know - the Republican one? Only we don't have to speak softly anymore.

We need to stand up and tell the president to do what he thinks is right and damn the crap from the world-wide-leftist groupthink ... or is that non-think.

Our grandchildren's lives depend on that!