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Rudy G. Watch this man!

If you have any questions about "America's Mayor" read this New York Post article!
He stood up and said "The Emperor is naked."

A couple of personal notes: I met Rudi G at a book signing. I never understood the word Charisma before I met the man. Within seconds I felt totally at ease with the man and, more importantly, trusted him. He listened to me when I spoke. He was more concerned with actual communications than just signing his book and moving on.

The New York Post -- interesting. When I was a young man living in NYC, the Post was essentially a communist rag. It had a far-left editorial policy. Today, the Post undeniably leans right. So when I read the closing line on this article -- conservatives are unlikely to forget his political courage. I was impressed. The Post was a regular critic of the mayor before 9/11

I would welcome a Rudy Giuliani run for the presidency