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1. The baseball team the Texas Rangers, in a paean to the Reconquista movement show their true colors A person asks "Were stolen bases renamed undocumented bases for the game?"

Where is Ranger Walker when you need him!

2. A Quaker and activiest out of Berkley sees the need to defend freedom!
Americans value democracy and are prepared to defend it.
Sending this message means getting out of our living rooms and into the streets.
His method? A nationwide boycott against everything - Lets all go hide in our holes till the bad men go away!

3. One of my favorite Bloggers, Carol Platt Liebau makes this observation:

What It's Come To
What a sad commentary it is that there's a headline like this: "Heterosexual Elected Bishop of Califiornia."

4. The Catholic Church has identified its most dangerous enemy - The DaVinci Code. Threats are flying through the blogosphere - the Church is telling it's folk not to go see it, or .... They are also threatening the SUE! Meanwhile - the producers are going to their respective houses of worship and thanking the Church for all of the free publicity.

5. In the immortal words of Pogo Possum: