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Stupid move, folks. This ain't France

I have been fascinated by the marches for immigrant, err Illegal immigrant, rights. They sprang out of nowhere as if totally spontaneous. Now we have learned that this has been a carefully planned and orchestrated movement. But, in my humble opinion, a foolish one.

Remember Nixon's Silent Majority? Well, keep this up folks and they won't be so silent anymore.

In France a gutless government was changed by student "marches". Here in America,the Civil Rights movement was based upon an ethic of non-violent protests, and the Civil Right movement was, in essense, morally justified. Many Americans, myself included, were looking at the illegal alien situation and willing to look for a pragmatic solution. Pragmatic meaning one that will work. Now, however I am finding more and more of these open-minded folk being swayed by these "non-violent" protests. Unfortunately they are being swayed against the side that the protestors hope will win.

Americans are fair-minded people. Our history has demonstrated it over and over. Give us an equitable solution and most of us will back it. However stand in the middle of the street and try and force us to capitulate and we will be quite contrary.

Now I understand that the Movement wants all hispanics to boycot the American Economy on May 1. BTW May 1 is the Universal day in which the Communist movement celebrated their successes. I wonder if that choice of a date was by accident?

I propose that Monday, May 1, be a Go Spend Money day. I think that a major increase in spending on that day will be a non-violent way of speaking to those who would force us to follow them.

Again, I proclaim that Monday, May First is "GO SPEND MONEY" day!