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None dare call it treason

Way back when Barry Goldwater was running for president a man named John
Stormer wrote a book with that title. The book sold seven million copies in 1964. The book dealt with the intelectual elites and made the point that they are mindlessly leading our country in the wrong direction -- towards communism. That book is equally valid today. Stormer followsed up with a
book labeled

None dare call it treason, 25 years later

Amazon.com has used copies for a buck. It bears reading,
again! Today we have:

A former president, Jimmy Carter, apparently met
with the Soviet Government and plotted to have the Soviets aid in defeating
Ronald Reagen. I quote from Newsmax:

Last week, "Reagan's
War: The Epic Story of His Forty-Year Struggle and Final Triumph Over
" (Doubleday) by Peter Schweizer was released.
This book offers damning evidence that Jimmy Carter, as both president and citizen, may have committed treason by enlisting the help of the Soviet Union in the 1980
and 1984 presidential elections.

Jimmy Carter was principly responsible for
out turning over controlof the Suez Canal. Communist China now controlls
both the eastern and western entrances.

A former Vice-President, Al Gore, stood up in a meeting in
Dubai, at an event funded by the Bin Laden family, and blasted the policies of
the sitting president.

One of our major newspapers, The New York Times, thinks nothing of
publishing classified documents that can be harmful, not only to our war effort,
but the very lives our our GI's.

The Chairman of the DNC, Howard Dean,
rants and raves about the actions on the president.

A US Senator from
Massachusets, a man whose brother was the president of the United States, a man
whose brothers were senators from NY and Mass. A man whose eldest brother died
in action during WWII, Calls the sitting president a liar, invents mythical
theories about cabals.

Another Senator from Massachusets while serving
as a Reserve Officer in the U.S. Navy met with the enemy
in Paris

the FBI has evidence of one other meeting in 1971 where Kerry met
with the head of the Viet Cong delegation, one Madame Binh, to apparently coordinate the activities of Kerry’s group Viet Nam Veterans Against the

Another former President of the United States met, while in
office, with the Chinese government and apparently aided in their development of
weapon systems which can be used against the United States:

• The Red Chinese military (the so-called People’s Liberation Army, or PLA) is
now able to deploy much more accurate nuclear-armed missiles pointed at the
United States, in large measure because of policy decisions by President Clinton
that have benefited campaign donors — including one who laundered money for
the PLA.

I tend to consider the source when our Hollywood elites rattle like empty trashcans, But when a Major Star, Jane Fonda, actively aides the enemy, and is taped doing it, I have to wonder where our government is.

I dare call this treason. Am I alone?