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I love movies

But this year there ain't nothing that I want to see. OK, I did see King Kong. It was fun. I might buy the DVD just for that boring cold day, but the rest?

Brokeback Mountain - call me what you want but it creeps me out. I grew up watching Roy Rodgers, Hopalong Casidy, Gabby Hayes. I have a fairly complete collection of "The Dukes" movies - They were westerns. The good guy wore a white hat and the bad guy wore a black one (Except Hoppy of course) but brokeback mountain? Get serious?

Munich - I lived through that one. Damned if I want to relive it. especially one that apparently has a political agenda. I haven't seen it, I probably won't, so I may be wrong about the agenda. I'll never know.

Capote? get real!

Then there's the one that gives me George Clooney's philosophical bent on political thought and freedom of the press.

I will probably go see "Walk the Line" Hmm .. It wasn't nominated for best picture?

Now some clown is putting Rita Hayworths Earings on a pair of shoes - Something to give the Lions of the Red Carpet something to coo about.

I go to the movies to get a barrel of popcorn, sit back and have fun. If I want to be depressed I'll watch network news. I want to see John Wayne put the reins between his teeth and charge off, rifle in one hand and six-gun in the other. I want to see large monsters destroy large cities. I want to see Clark Gable look over his shoulder and say "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn"

You want a movie - go rent Northwest Passage with Spencer Tracy.

But Gay Shepherds wearing cowboy hats --- I'll pass.

Addendum - after I posted this I noticed an article in MSNBC.com -- I quote:

NEW YORK - Kanye West has been chosen to reinterpret the classic “Mission: Impossible” theme song for the third installment in the Tom Cruise film franchise, which opens May 5 in U.S. theaters.

It may open, but I won't be there!