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My last post of 2005? Perhaps

I'm confused.

1. Parties

Tomorrow night is New Years Eve. Thousands (millions?) of young and young at heart will take to the bars and clubs and party, welcoming in the new year.

Now the phrase "Party" seems to mean: Get Drunk, Get Rowdy and destroy stuff! A few years ago, after the Bronco's won some level of championship a riot formed in Denver's Lo-Do, a Bar district. A young man said -- "The Bronco's Won and I want to Party - What do you expect me to do, Go home and play Trivial Persuit?"


I'll stay home, thank you.

2. Spying

Mr President - I hereby give you full permission to listen in on any phone call, email or instant message that I'm involved in. If you feel that heavy-set Middle-aged Jewish men present a danger to our nation, please racial-profile me!

I voted for for you because I felt that you would "Support and Defend the Constitution" I want to go to sleep tonight knowing that you and our military consider that my family's safety a major priority.

We are at war and our society is at stake, lets keep our priorities adjusted appropriately.

Thank you sir

3. Hollywood and our American Culture.

Last year (or the year before that) Hollywood made a move about the Alamo. The Mexican side was presented gently. Totally lost in the movie was the reason that the entire event happened.

A Dictator decided to ignore the countries established law primarilly to line his own pocket.

Now, in that politically correct manner, Mr. Spielberg is making a "Kinder and Gentler" movie about the horror of Munich.

May I remind them about a few items.

Munich and the Iran Hostage situation were instrumental in convincing the islamofascists that we were an easy target. The guardians of American Culture have decided that America Is Always Wrong!

Mr. Carter's total lack of principles led to the disaster in Iran, yet a private individual (Ross Perot) actually put together a mission to rescue his men.

When the despicable attack on the Towers and the Pentagon, and those gallent people who died that day protecting Washington DC, these Elites Wondered

"Why do they hate us so?"

Now the New York Times is broadcasting Top Secret Information. This is a criminal act.

People should go to jail!

If you see a Military person, thank him or her. To my Fellow Vietnam vets, Welcome Home. To the rest of us, may we all have a happy, prosperous and Peaceful New Year.

Go Bronco's