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The Today Show

As a kid, watching the today show while I was getting ready for school was the norm. Back then that meant Dave Garroway and company. The Today Show was a News Show. They covered news of the day in a somewhat light manner, but concentrated on the news of the day. They did occasionally go off to less serious topics, usually aided by a fetching young reporter named Barbara Walters. A Chimpanzee named J. fred Muggs .. well... Mugged a bit. However the emphases was on news. The lighter segments were totally G-rated.

Over the years a succession of hosts and hosteses have put their mark on the show - many of them superb. The goal of a morning News Show that can cover both serious topical stories and some lighter enjoyable segments.

Today the Today show had a segment on -- "Will a threesome hurt my marraige?" And no-one noticed anything wrong?

That rumble you hear is Dave Garroway rolling in his grave