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I'm a Vietnam Vet, Retired Mainframe Programmer, Retired College Adjunct Teacher, Published Author, Adult Boy Scout Leader, Republican, Jewish, married with two magnificent grown kids.

Merry Christmas

No, I'm not a Christian, I'm a Jew. However I respect and admire the Christian ethic that has blessed this country.

I am an active member of Boy Scouts of America. The Church that sponsered our troop when I was active at the troop level, was a Lutheran Church. I grew to love the spirit and compassion that I felt when I walked into the building. I was never treated as anything but a welcome friend. This spirit must pervade us all during the coming season.

My only complaint about american Christians is that they are letting the irriligious left destroy their faith. When the Christian faith is gone, who do they go after next?

So, my friends a simple strategy. When someone wishes you a Happy Holiday, Smile, thank them and wish them a Merry Christmas, cheerfully. As Snoopy said - A kiss on the nose turneth away wrath.