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The Forward

In a previous post I referred to "The Forward" as a left leaning newspaper. I stand by that comment, though I do need to 'splain a bit.

The Forward was a Yiddish Language newspaper for generations. It was the newspaper that almost all Jewish Immigrants read daily. The paper did a magnificant job assisting Yiddish Speaking Jews in adjusting to life in the "Goldena Medina". BTW - Yiddish is a dialect of German and the language of the East European Jews.

The Forward was always a socialist leaning paper, but Socialism then was not the rabid anti-American socialism of todays American left. The discussion back then was the size and purpose of government. It was assumed that we were all Americans and had a right to defend our way of life. Political differences were discussed passionately but never got personal. They disagreed respectfully. This seems to be a persona that our current left wing has forgotten. FDR was a liberal. However he was able to identify and fight America's enemies,

When I identify the Forward as a left leaning newpaper I do it with respect for their opinion. While I do not share their political philosophy, I recognize that it is a valid positive statement by many people about hopw they think our country should behave.

And then there's the Dean-Hillary-Kennedy wing of the Democratic party.