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With all due respect, he's no John Paul II

The Pope has made an apparent effort to heal a rift with Judaism by visiting a German Synagogue. For that I thank him, however if he wants to do something positive he can say something about ArabTerrorism in Israel.

When the Pope, I believe it was John XXIII said that the Jews were not guilty of Deicide we were supposed to humbly thank him, I haven't seen any apology for the generations of Catholic children who were taught to call Jewish children Christ-Killers. We were supposed to forget the expulsion of Jews from every Catholic country in Europe at one time or another. We were supposed to forget the Crusades, The inquisition and centuries of Church-approved antisemitism

OK, Pope John Paul II was the exception. He was a tzadik (blessed person) who understood history and was a real Mensch. However The current Pope dissappointed us right out of the gate.

if a bastard blows up a school bus or pizza joint full of children and Israel defends herself there is no moral equivalency between the two acts. The Pope screwed up by implying that there was. If he wants to heal the rift, there is room for an apology. Visit all the Synagogues you want Pope, but how about taking a stand for something of value?