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Now the Anti-Semites join in -- Officially

According to an article in the Canada Free Press , the bigots are flocking to the Loons. Strange how i Had so go to a Canadian site to find it?

Anyhow, according to our White Supremacist Brethren, the War is about Israel and the Jews. By the way, we all know that the Jews were behiund the 911 attack? I'll bet that the Wounded GI's that are being picketed by the Pink Schmuck brigade were all really Mossad Agents?

OK, my liberal friends - can you finally get it? Who is lining up on your side? Lets add one more to the list of Big Lies:

  • The war in Vietnam was an Undeclared War.
  • Clinton never had sex with that woman
  • Hillary Clinton is in fact Jewish.
  • The founding fathers were in fact terrorists
  • There were no Weapons of mass destruction
  • The war in Iraq was started by the international Cabal of Jews over Israel