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The Democratic party

Fascinating, simply Fascinating:

1. Al Sharpton said that Howard Dean is anti-black and implied that Jesse Jackson, Jr. and other black leaders that endorse a white Democrat are Uncle Toms
2. Jesse Jackson, Jr. stood up for Terri Schiavo much to the dismay of this left wing cronies
3. Hispanic Republicans are getting more and more support
4. The mighty AFL/CIO is being split over political differences
5. The Democratic Standard Bearer - Hillary Clinton is gathering constant criticism as being divisive
6. Howard Dean - Do I need to say more?

When I noted some time ago that we were looking at a restructuring of our major political parties I was criticised. I think that the Democratic party has moved so far to the left that is is losing most of its traditional support.

Meanwhile - moderate Republicans like Gulianne and McCain are getting more and more respect.

Centerist Democrats like Zell Miller and Joseph Lieberman seem to be lost in the wilderness.

Interesting times?