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It gets worse and worse

I'm listening to Laura Ingraham this morning, as I usually do. While she's getting Chemo, she has a guest host. He is playing cuts from BBC (I believe) of the British Left trying to understand why the Islamofascists hate them. They are suggesting that a Massive Peace Conference is needed. After all, they say, What happened in London was no different from Faluja

This is a war. We have been hit continuously since '93. A Neville Chamberlain approach has never worked and will never work. We need to hit back and hit hard.

In WWII the Japanese hit a legitimate military target. They wore uniforms and fought as an army. The North Koreans wore uniforms and fought as an army. The North Vietnamese Army and yes, even the Viet Cong behaved like an army and essentially followed the rules of war.

These animals do not feel that the time honored rules apply to them. They hit women and children. They attack school busses. They use children as human bombs. Make no bones about it, there is no difference between Hamas and Al Queda!

We will follow the time honored rules of war - we have no choice. We are civilized, unfortunately.

As anyone who know me is aware, I am a Vietnam Vet. Our young men and women are head and shoulders better than we were. They are better trained, better led and better motivated than we were. For that I thank G-d. They need our support. They need our prayers. They need a Supreme court that will enforce the constitution without making up legislation as they go along. They need a Senate and House of Representative that will stand up and fight!

Please write your representatives and senators and insist that they do their jobs. Please pray for our British brethren as well as out young men and women.