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The Supremes

I was raised to respect the Supreme Court as the ultimate authority in the land. Lately however I am starting to wonder. In a rush of rulings they practically abolished private property rights and in one of the most intellectually vague rulings I've ever heard -- They said that the 10 commandments were OK if they were part of the history or something like that, but you could not frame and hang them on a courthouse wall?

Either they are valid or they are not. Decide!

Both were 5-4 decisions with all the usual Judges voting in the usual way. Now - most likely Justice Rhenquist is going to step down, that will leave us with one less intellectually honest person on the court - The Democrats are pushing for a Moderate who will vote as they want him/her to vote (i.e. a liberal)

Mr. President if by some sheer stroke of providence you read this. It is time for the "Nuclear Option". Make recess appointments. Please do whatever you have to do to return our Supreme Court to the majesty it once had.

Also, while I have your ear - how about charging Jane Fonda and John Kerry with treason?

Thank you.