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John Paul the Great

Yes - I know what I said - I honestly believe that is how history will remember the man.

I disagree with the man on some important issues. I think he was wrong in not supporting the president on Iraq. I think he could have taken a much stronger stand on the middle east situation. I strongly disagree with him on birth control. However -- I am humbled by the man. In his shadow I am minimal.

The point I'm trying to make is that I can easily support a leader who leads through a basic set of honest principles. Even when I disagree.

John Paul II is a man with a strong touch of G-d in him. He was a major influence in bringing down communism. He had the courage to apologize for crimes against Judaism. He stood for the weak and powerless as no one in our age.

May G-d bless this man as he gathers him into his bosom.