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The Line in the Sand, Yesterday and Today

Continuing with the Crockett story....

We have all heard about Travis drawing the line in the sand with his saber. He asked all who were to stand by him to cross and defend the Alamo facing certain death.

Whether or not that really happened - The stand at the Alamo did give Houston enough time to prepare for Santa Ana.

What if the Stand at the Alamo didn't happen? There has been much conjecture about that one. Probably---

1. Houston might not have had sufficient time to form an army - Texas would not have won it independance
2. We would probably not have gotten involved in the Mexican War.
3. We would probably not have gotten Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California
4. We would probably not have had sufficient reason to claim Washington and Oregon
5. We would probably not have become a 2 ocean world power
6. Without an American World power - WWII would have had a totally different result?

But the stand did happen, Crockett, Travis, Bowie and the others did die there.

I can't help wondering what would happen if we do not stand fast in Iraq?