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I gotta agree with the liberals on this one

Rapid Transit makes no sense. People don't ride it. it doesn't pay for itself. The government should not be underwriting public transportation. That is...

The Lib's are taking a page from our playbook on this one - if only by accident. Think down the road a bit.

I teach at an urban college. Many of the students take light rail to school. Their parents take light rail to work. Light rail is an enabler.

For example, I went to college on the GI bill. Yup - your taxes paid my way through college as well as many other vets. Now, what did you get in return - my taxes. I made more money and paid more taxes. Us vets took the GI bill and went to school and got better jobs. We also bought houses using the GI Loan - backed by the government. People built houses for us, we bought furniture, we spent money. The GI Bill was an enabler. The entire economy benefitted

Rapid transit is such an enabler. It enables people to improve their life, therefore making more money, therefore paying more taxes.

It all goes round and round, doesn't it.

Please support light rail!