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Civil War II

Dennis Prager has repeatedly stated that we are in the midst of a Civil War. I think, unfortunately, the Terri Schaivo situation is a battle in this war - probably the biggest yet.

I'm listening to Laura Ingraham right now, as I do almost every morning she has been on this non-stop. She is a newly-returned Catholic and takes her faith very seriously. She has made some very moving and logical arguements for giving Terri Schaivo the right to exist. I encourage you to listen to her if you can.

We have had many slogans in our history - 'Remember the Alamo', 'Remember The Maine'. Unfortunately the next one will be 'Remember Terri.

We must be resolved to take our nation back from the left. We share a belief that morality is Divinely inspired. We share a belief that we are a representative republic and that an ologarchy of the bench is not the way we wish to be governed.

We will disagree on some points. We can discuss these points as adults and come up with resolution, However we must save the Union!

I Truly think that this point is that important